IT Student’s Term Project for Academic Year 2017

1) IT2130 System Science

Semester 1

Topic 1: QueQExtra/Presentation/VDO

Topic 2: URestaurant/Presentation/VDO

Topic 3: Hospital Appointment/Presentation/VDO

Semester 2

Topic 1: Control System/Presentation/VDO

2) IT2211 Requirement Engineering

Semester 1


Semester 2

Topic 1: Requirement Engineering Process_Negotiation/Presentation/VDO

Topic 2: Shopping Online/Presentation/VDO

3) IT4315 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Semester 1

Topic 1: OOAD for Amazon:Ordering and  Tracking System/Presentation/VDO

Topic 2: OOAD for KaideeExtra: Chatting, Shipping, and Coin Payment Process /Presentation/VDO

Topic 3: OOAD for Lazada: Shipping and

Purchasing Process/Presentation/VDO(N/A)

Semester 2

Topic 1: Dental Clinic Management System/Presentation/VDO

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