Research Area

Research Area

1) Software Engineering

My research area in software engineering focuses on software maintenance, which concerns reducing the size of test suite of the modified program. the fact is that, new version of developing software from the previous version brings ability of the improvement, in the mean time, the size increases. This make excetuing and processing time decrease, including programming errors can be occured. Therefore, methods of reducing the size of test suite, which contains its test cases will be focussed. Accordingly, many algorithms are proposed to the real wolrd to solve this problem.

2) Data Mining

In particular, I am intersting in the topic of classifying and clustering data for both management and technical area. The purpose is that to choose the appropriate data from big and small data to be representatve of information that can be applicable for the business objective. The proposed model is crerated to improve ability of traditional methods such as clustering and classification techniques to have high accuracy and precission when some data is required for the specific purposes.

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