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List of My Journal Articles
Watjatrakul, B. (2016), Online Learning Adoption: Effects of Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, and Perceived Values, Interactive Technology and Smart Education, 13(3), pp.229-243

Watjatrakul, B. (2015). Perceived Values and Their Effects on Intention to Adopt Online Learning, TNI Journal of Business Administration and Languages, 3(1), pp. 28-33. (The paper was presented at The 3rd National Interdisciplinary Academic Conference in Thailand and selected to be included in this journal).

Watjatrakul, B. (2014), Factors Affecting Students' Intentions to Study at Universities Adopting the "Student-as-Customer" Concept, International Journal of Educational Management, 28(6), pp.676-693.

Watjatrakul, B. (2014), Vendor Selection Strategy for IT Outsourcing: The Weighted-Criteria Evaluation Technique, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 27(2), pp. 122-138.

Watjatrakul, B. (2013), Intention to Use a Free Voluntary Service: The Effects of Social Influence, Knowledge and Perceptions, Journal of Systems and Information Technology,15(2), pp.202-220.

Hutton J.G., Leung, V., Mak A.K.Y., Varey R.J. and Watjatrakul B. (2011). Students, Patients, Citizens and Believers as ‘Customers’: A Cross-National Exploratory Study, Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 23(1), pp. 41-70.

Watjatrakul B. (2010). Attitudes toward Student-Customer Concept: Educational Level, Institution Status and Interdisciplinary Studies, Journal of Education, Informatics and Cybermatics, 2(1), pp. 54-59. (The paper was presented at ICETI 2010 in USA and selected to be included in this journal)

Watjatrakul B. (2010). Using Student-Customer Concept in Higher Education: Attitudes and Consequences, The Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)-Thailand Journal, 13(1), pp. 202-220.

Watjatrakul B. (2006). IT Application Outsourcing: A Category and Evaluation of Application Service Providers, AU Journal of Technology, 9(4), pp. 209-216.

Watjatrakul B. and Drennan J. (2005). Factors Affecting Email Marketing Sourcing Decisions: A Transaction Cost Perspective, Journal of Marketing Management, 21(7-8), pp. 701-723.

Watjatrakul B. (2005). Determinants of IS Sourcing Decisions: A Comparative Study of Transaction Cost Theory versus the Resource-Based View, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 14(4), pp. 389-415.