Academic Background

Dr. Boonlert completed his Information Systems at The University of Queensland. His dissertation was in the areas of information systems and e-marketing. He was awarded the master’s degree in Business Administration from The Cleveland State University in Ohio, USA, and the Certificate in Professional Designation in System Analysis from The University of California Los Angeles, USA. He also received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from The King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand.

He is an associate professor of information systems and works in the department of information technology at Assumption University. He teaches in the area of information systems management including Information Systems Outsourcing, E-commerce, Business transformation, IT project management, and IT/Business Alignment. His research interests are in the fields of information systems outsourcing, e-commerce adoption, and information technology management.

He began his academic career in 2003. Prior to his academic career, he worked as the Production Engineer at a manufacturer and the Assistant Product Manager at an international trading company, respectively. During his PhD study, he was granted the University of Queensland's Graduate School Award from 2000 to 2002. He has been selected to include his biography in "Who'swho in the World" since 2008. His research works were published in refereed journals, conference proceedings and books including Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Journal of Systems and Information Technology, Journal of Education,Informatics and Cybermatics, Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, International Journal of Educational Management, Interactive Technology and Smart Education, Advances in Sociology Research, Proceedings of International Conference on e-Business, Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Information Technology, Proceedings of International Conference on Society and Information Technologies, Proceedings of Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Proceedings of International Conference on e-Society, and Proceedings of IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science. He is the author of the book, "IT Strategic Outsourcing" (Thai edition).

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