Coursework: Research Proposal

Understanding the Influencing Factors for Mobile Learning Acceptance in a Higher-Education Environment

By: Edwin Pramana

A number of limited literature in mobile learning research is available in determining the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for the application of m-Learning, but they tend to generalize the types of learning (formal or informal) and  the level of education itself (primary/secondary or higher education). Moreover, they do not really focus whether the CSFs refer to m-learning replaces traditional classrooms or m-learning as a complement, helping learners to study beyond class sessions. There is a need for research to study the CSFs for the acceptance of m-Learning in tertiary education institutions, as a complement to the current learning activities. Mobile learning is supposed to complement and enhance the current e-learning or traditional learning classes, not to replace them (Krotov, 2015). This may be one of the most important advantages of m-learning where students may study in their own places  beyond traditional classrooms.

Report: Research Proposal