Research paper: The 9th International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC 2017), Singapore

Smart Matching for Car Rental


This paper presents a knowledge-based model where it can be adapted for the service of car rental system online through the website. Smart matching for car rental mainly supports the process of car matching in a search function to give the most satisfaction result for customers and avoid the rejection of unavailable car for rent by providing the alternative available cars that close to the customer’s requirement. For the search function, we analyze the problems found in general car rental system and identify the importance characteristic of the rental car. Then, we design the attributes with weighting method for matching customer’s requirement for car rental along with the available cars for avoiding the rejection to the customer as much as possible. In the experiment, we develop the smart matching system to improve and solve the problems of existing car rental system such as Avis and Hertz in comparison.




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