Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology (VMS)

Academic Service to the Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission (ONDE)

(Updated!!) May 2018, A workshop on Reviewing and Enhancing ASEAN ICT Skills Standard is to be hosted on 2-3 July 2018 with an aim to consider a skill standard in 3 areas respect to Big Data, Social Business and Internet of Things, and to discuss related an approach to promote the use of ICT Standard within the region. March…
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Academic service to the Office of the University Registrar (Assumption University)

March 2018, IDL presented data analytic results (based on AU’s students intakes for the past five years) to the University Registrar, Dr. Soonthorn Pibooncharoensit. Details can be found here. For this academic service, IDL is planning to deliver the results every academic semester, hence the Office of the University Registrar is able to utilize the…
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Big Data with 8 V’s – 5 Things You Need to Know About Big Data

Licence Plate Number Detection

The project aims to assist police officers to enforce the traffic laws. A sample use case is detecting driving in the wrong direction. The camera was used to capture the motion of objects. If the objects travel in the wrong direction, the camera snaps a photo and feeds to the licence plate character recognition subsystem…
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Start Your Data Science Journey With Us.

We are a research team focusing on Data Science which aims to add values to businesses and society. Data growth rate is exponent. Without a good strategy to deal with the data, the data will become a cost rather than an asset. We are seeking for collaborations in various forms. We can help answer business…
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Interesting Fact

Data Scientist is a hot new role. Evidence is visible when ones try seeking for data scientist roles. The role requires knowledge to deal with data which eventually adds value to the business.