Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology (VMS)

Academic Service to the Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission (สำนักงานคณะกรรมการดิจิทัลเพื่อเศรษฐกิจและสังคมแห่งชาติ) (Updated!)

  • May 2018, a workshop entitled “Reviewing and Enhancing ASEAN ICT Skills Standard” is to be organized on 2-3 July 2-18 with an aim to consider a skill standard in 3 areas with respect to Big Data, Social Business and Internet of Things, and to discuss related approach to promote the use of ICT standard within the region.
  • March 2018 (8-months project), signed project entitled “Reviewing and Enhancing ASEAN ICT Skills Standard” had been kicked off in March 2018 with an aim to update existing ASEAN ICT skills standard and include three new skills in the existing ASEAN ICT skills standard. The aim of this standard is to enable ASEAN countries to accredit neighbor’s ICT skills by mapping their and neighbor’s ICT skills to ASEAN ICT skills standard. This is to promote the movement of ICT professional within ASEAN countries. Existing ASEAN ICT skills included in the standard comprise
    • Software Development,
    • ICT Project Development,
    • Enterprise Architecture Design,
    • Network and System Administration,
    • Information System and Network Security,
    • Mobile Computing, and
    • Cloud Computing.
  • Three new skills to be include in this project are Big Data, Social Business and Internet of Things. It is expected to organize a workshop (in June 2018) inviting delegates from ASEAN countries to discuss and mutually agree upon the revision of existing ICT skills (if any) and the addition of three new skills.

Data Analytics Service  for the AU Registrar (Updated!)
Currently, IDL is working with the Office of the University Registrar (Assumption University) for data analytics initiative aiming to get insights concerning students’ intakes, retention rate, etc.

  • March 2018,  IDL lab submitted analytic results on AU students to the Office of the University Registrar. Analytic results include
    • Student intakes (from year 2013 to year 2018) classified by countries, regions of Thailand, provinces, high schools, etc.
    • The University Registrar, Dr. Soonthorn Pibulcharoensit, was satisfied with the results. He mentioned that the results are useful for the planning and management of the Office of the University Registrar (for future student’s recruitment).
  • IDL is planning to provide the results every academic semester. Incoming results are scheduled in early September 2018.

Credit: IDL highly appreciated Asst. Prof. Titida Nochai for her hard work and dedication in this project.

Research and Academic Collaboration with the Office of Narcotic Control Board (ONCB)

  • April 2018, IDL had proposed research and academic collaboration agreement to ONCB in order to provide research and academic services.  Research topics include, but not limited to,
    1. Pattern discovery to provide alerts for crime suspects
    2. Objects (narcotic plants) determination via satellite images, and
    3. Recommender system.
  • May 2018, ONCB is preparing additional details regarding research methodology for this this academic collaboration. Due to the fact that the data to be used in the project is confidential data, hence an appropriate data protection and data prevention mechanisms must be in place. IDL is expected to give a presentation sometime mid of June 2018.