Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISL) is a research lab under Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology (VMS), Assumption University of Thailand. Officially located with the graduate schools in Hua Mak Campus, the lab provides a learning environment for graduate students to research, ideate, and develop intelligent software solutions for both academic and industrial communities.

Our works have primarily been on research and development in various areas of artificial intelligence, and how to apply intelligent technologies to the real world. From computer vision solutions for manufacturing plant automation to machine learning solutions for e-commerce analytics and brand communications, we strongly believe in high-quality research products that result in not only research publications for the academic community, but also solutions that solve real-world problems for the industry.

ISL has established collaborations with various industry partners and organisations, including KCE Electronics, Advanced Info Service, Software Industry Promotion Agency (SiPA), Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI), and Software Park, in order to foster growth of innovative applications that results from cutting-edge intelligent technologies. Through these collaborations, ISL has been providing industry-funded graduate scholarships, training courses, and career opportunities to Thai and international students alike, creating perpetual development towards this continuously growing research field.