Event Registration (ERIST)

Most of people has a lot of trouble time while they have to stay and wait for a long time in the long queue for the registration. This problem can be totally vanised by using the Event Registration (ERIST) which can dramatically improve almost 4-5 times from  the traditional registration process. The system is desgined to apply bluetooth technology to enhance the registration process. The user can be able to prepare their personal data in advance and finish the registration immediately when they are close to the check point portal.

Progress Monthly#1

In Demo#1, We  developed the ERIST system for testing in CS Festival 2016. The previous version of ERIST system applied QR code for the registration rather than  filling the form at the registration table. The result is dramatically improve the registration time.  The next challenge is to apply the Bluetooth low energy technology which will be able to improve a lot of efficiency. The application is designed for 3 different roles which are Organizer, Administrator and User.