Sentimental Analysis

Nowadays, there are a lot of messages from many people via internet that express their feeling for several products & services. These contents are most wanted which can be used for Digital maketing analysis. The goal of this project is to develop the Thai-Words Sentimental Analysis from facebook  which include the following task.

1. Thai Word Segmentation process: This process will split all thai words from the sentence and prepare for the analysis process.

2. Sentimental Analysis process : This process will analyse the sentence by mapping the word in database and return the word labels (Positive, Neutral, Negative)

Progress Monthly#1

In Demo#1, The system can split thai words  and be able to evaluate the positive or negative  attitude. 

But the system has limitation as follow:

1. No handle slang ex. อาหารร้านนี้ม่ายอร่อยเลย ม่าย is slangs

2. Name people, English word ex. จอห์นชอบอาหารร้านนี้มาก or อาหารไม่ delicious เลยน่ะร้านนี้

3. No handle wrong word. ex. ส้มตำรานนี้อร่อยยยยยยยมากกกกกกก