Brand Impact

The usage and importance of social media has been playing an important role in our daily systems. People use social media not only just to communicate with other people but also to express the feelings and emotions. By taking advantage of the latter fact, the companies and researchers try to demonstrate the relationship between the user data and their impact on the brands. For instance, various social media monitoring tools try to gather data and analyze the user behavior for the brands. To give a clearer image, they give a brand as good or bad based on the descriptive measures such as the count of followers, retweets in twitter as well as the sentiment analysis of their messages.

However, many of the researches did not put their focus on the time factor. In our research, we would like to analyze the social media data by the impact changes over a certain period of time. We would like to provide the valuable information to the users by fully knowing and understanding their brands impact over certain time duration.