Face/Smile Recognition

Human beings are capable of showing a variety of facial expressions. And smile is one of the mostcommon expression exhibited in our life. If we are able to detect a smile, we can use theknowledge in numerous ways; interactive systems, product rating, patient condition, as well as todetermine the mental state of the person.There has been many researches on facial expression detection, and a few on smile detection.However, all these research involves the test subject deliberately smiling at a camera. In our work,we will be attempting to detect a smile in a subject who is trying not to smile. The user will bewatching a video of approximately 20-25 seconds. The purpose of the video is to make the usersmile, while the users will try their best and not smile while watching them.

This is one of our outstanding research in  a computer vision field that makes computer to be able to recognize the human faces through the camera lens. We can separate the function of human face recognition in this project into 2 topics which are 

   1.Smile Detection 

   2.Gender & Age Classification

Progress Month#1
Smile Detection

In Demo#1,Smile Detection system was developed for 3 platforms which are Android, IOS and Web-based application. The system can detect a smiling face from the camera in real time.  However the position of the target face has to be located in the center and appropriate distance.

The system can only detect the strong smiling just now.

Gender & Age Classification

In Demo#1, Gender & Age Recognition system was developed only in Android just now. The system can detect human faces from the camera and show the  gender & age recognition result. The system require a few seconds for recognition. The accuracy rate is going to be improved in the next progress.