Field Reporter

Field Reporter is a software solution for supporting field operations of teams and organisations delivering field services to their customers. The application framework comprises of two business components: field task dispatcher and field service reporter. The former is responsible for receiving reported incidents, creating field tasks, and briefing and scheduling the tasks to field operations (dispatching). The latter assists field operations personnels (field ops) on their mobile devices in executing tasks and debriefing their services back to center when the service has been rendered (reporting).


The solution contains a team of intelligent assistants to help the users in handling the mundane tasks of preparing schedules and resources for field operations; for examples, preparing the geolocation of the client site where field operations service is needed, or retrieving customer profiles for insurance agents handling claims. The application also allows field ops to log the efforts used in executing their tasks, and submit service reports back to the system seamlessly once the task has been completed.

Field Reporter also performs relatively effort estimation and task prioritisation, which are mandatory yet mundane processes, in order to help determine the workload of field ops and prioritise field tasks to perform in order to maximise efficiency. To do this, the agent continuously learn the patterns in the nature of each field task, and how the users handle with them. Field Reporter is designed to support on-site services needed by maintenance operations and insurance officers, as well as operations in extremely large facilities, such as airports, factories, and organisations with multiple sites, where operations are performed in various indoor locations.