CS4402 / SC4370 Object-Oriented Concepts (1/2016)

This course aims to teach how to design and implement applications using Object-Oriented Concepts. Students are allowed to pick any topic of their interests and they are required to implement the proposed projects using an Object-Oriented Program Language of their choices.

The term projects can be developing brand-new applications (with proper OO design) or modifying the design of existing applications (which could be projects that students may have completed in the past with no design or just badly designed) .

Three brand new projects are AU Admission, Guitar Helper, and EatWhatever. AU Spark Payment and Alumnet are applications that students have been working on before taking this class and they are required to modify and improve the design of their applications (through refactoring and applying appropriate OO design patterns).

Some works can’t be put here due to the large file sizes. Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Term Project Presentations

  • Kornkamol and Chotikar: AU Admission (C# for the backend with .NET web application and iOS app frontend)
  • Prapas and Tanapon: Guitar Helper (C# for the backend and web application frontend)
  • Pichayuth and Thanabodee: AU Spark Payment¬†(C# for the backend API)
  • Panusorn and Kanin: EatWhatever¬†(C# for the backend with .NET web application and iOS app frontend)
  • Silapin: Alumnet¬†(Java for Android application)

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