Academic Year 2016

  • T. Thumthawatworn, P. Satitsuksanoh, K. Nongpong and S. Charoenvikrom, “Fuzzy Tuning for Network Selection Mechanism in Wireless Handover Decision, Proceedings of 2017 IEEE 7th International Conference on Electronics Information and Emergency Communication (ICEIEC 2017), to be presented on 21 – 23 July 2017.
  • P, Satitsuksanoh,  C. Moemeng, and Se Won Kim, “Evaluating Triaxial Accelerometers and Force Sensitive Resistors in Building Interactive Freestanding Bags”, Proceeding of  International Conference on Engineering, Science, and Industrial Applications (ICESI) 2017, to be presented on 2-4 August 2017.