Master of Science in Information Technology

This program aims to prepare an IT professional who:

  • acquire comprehensive and in-depth understand of information technology knowledge and skill;
  • apply information technology at an indi- vidual or organizational level;
  • obtain innovative and analytical thinking for developing an appropriate solution to both academic and industrial IT problems.

Curriculum Structure

Plan A: Coursework and Thesis
Preparatory Courses (Non – credit)
Required Courses (15 credits)
Elective Courses (9 credits)
Thesis (12 credits)
Total 36 credits


Plan B: Coursework and Independent Study
Preparatory Courses (Non – credit)
Required Courses (15 credits)
Elective Courses (15 credits)
Independent Study (6 credits)
Total 36 credits


Preparatory Courses
IT 5211 Computer and Programming Structure 
IT 5212 Introduction to Information Technology
Required Courses

IT 6212 Information Technology Management 
IT 6222 Database Management Systems 
IT 6241 Software Engineering
IT 6251 Information Systems Development 
IT 6252 Information Systems Security and Risk Management

Elective Courses
Plan A: Students must select at least 3 elective courses (9 credits)
Plan B: Students must select at least 5 elective courses (15 credits)
IT 6801 Information Technology Research Methods 
IT 6323 Multimedia Technologies 
IT 6325 Internetworking Technologies
IT 6330 Information Technology Planning and Project Management 
IT 6335 Information Technology Strategic Planning 
IT 6336 Enterprise Architecture 
IT 6337 Managing Innovation in Digital Transformation 
IT 6341 Decision Support Systems 
IT 6344 Knowledge Management Systems 
IT 6345 Artificial Intelligence Systems 
IT 6346 Data Analytics 
IT 6362 Computer Simulation and Modeling 
IT 6364 Computer Graphics and Image Processing
IT 6374 Business Transformation 
IT 6375 Business Insight and Visualization 
IT 6376 Managing Changes in Business Transformation 
IT 6377 Project Management in Business Transformation 
IT 6388 Electronic Commerce Technologies 
IT 6399 Graduate Seminar in Information Technology 
IT 6400-99 Selected Topics in Information Technology
IT 6500-99 Directed Individual Study in Information Technology 
Independent Study

IT 6900 Master Project


IT 7000 Thesis