PhD in Information Technology

Graduate from the PhD (IT) Program will have:

  • highly developed research skills relevant to the tasks of problem solving and discovering new knowledge in field of Information Technology.
  • advanced comprehensive knowledge and understandings of the key issues relating to the efficient, effective and strategic use of Information Technology in Organizations;
  • highly developed communication skills essential for successfully sharing knowledge and understandings with others.

Curriculum Structure

Coursework and Dissertation
Foundation Courses (Non – credit)
Elective Courses (12 credits)
Dissertation (36 credits)
Total 48 credits


Foundation Course
IT 6801 Information Technology Research Methods
Elective Courses

IT 8311 Advanced Computer Applications for Graphics and Image Processing
IT 8312 Knowledge Management Systems 
IT 8313 Advanced Communication Systems 
IT 8321 Software Engineering Methods 
IT 8323 Technologies for Internet Security 
IT 8325 Advanced Database Systems 
IT 8326 Expert Systems Applications
IT 8327 Decision Support Systems 
IT 8330 Electronic Commerce Models and Technologies 
IT 8331 Information Systems Sourcing 
IT 8332 Modern Systems Development Methodologies 
IT 8333 Information Technology Evaluation Methods 
IT 8400-99 Advanced Topics in Information Technology

  • IT 9000 Dissertation