A Model for Multi-dimensional Trust Measurement in Thailand E-marketplace


Information sharing among e-marketplace consumers can reflect trust and distrust in products and sellers. Trustworthiness of products and sellers helps consumers to make a good purchase decision. E-marketplace websites, who encourage consumers to rate their products using only a single dimension such as five-star rating system, is unable to reveal the consumer satisfaction in details. In this paper, we broaden the perspective of trustworthiness of products and sellers in Thailand e-marketplace by proposing a multi-dimensional trust model. The model measures the trust score of products and sellers using product quality, price, and delivery as evaluation dimensions. Thai opinion mining and sentimental analysis methods are used to identify the polarity of Thai consumer satisfaction. Real reviews in Thai language collected from Lazada Thailand website were used in the model. The results show that the proposed model
can reveal the trustworthiness in various dimensions and lower the inaccuracy comparing to the current rating system.