Quantum Computing Courses

The quantum computing at Assumption University of Thailand is a go!

The following quantum computing courses were delivered during academic year 2018:

SC 8393 Advanced Topic in Computer Science: Quantum Computing (Ph.D. CS program, semester 1/2018, August-December 2018)

– SC 6409 Selected Topics in Quantum Computing (MS CS program, semester 1/2018, August-December 2018); and

CS 4414 / IT 4441 / SC 4454 Selected Topic in Quantum Computing Business Platforms (BS CS and BS IT programs, semester 3/2018, June-July 2019).

Course Description of SC 8393 / SC 6409

Discussion of special advanced topics in theoretical and applied areas in quantum computing: quantum computing theory, architecture and algorithms; quantum computing and quantum annealing; quantum information and entropy; fault-tolerant quantum computing; and simulators and programming languages for quantum computing.

Aims of SC 8393 / SC 6409

On completion of this subject, the students should be able to:

– Describe the modern technological advances in quantum computing.

– Explain the theoretical foundations of quantum computing.

– Use the existing platforms for cloud-based quantum computing.

– Explain the implementation of quantum computing algorithms.

– Explain the importance of fault-tolerant quantum computing.

– Master the methodology of software development in quantum computing.

– Practice advanced quantum computing techniques with specialized software tools.

– Identify the open research problems and future trends in quantum computing.

– Describe known ethical issues related to quantum computing.

Course Description of CS 4414 / IT 4441 / SC 4454

An introduction to emerging services and applications with quantum systems, overview of quantum resources in the cloud, prospective quantum computing business models, and essential illustrations of the transition from bits to qubits.

Aims of CS 4414 / IT 4441 / SC 4454

On completion of this subject, the students should be able to:

– Think out of the box filled with ones and zeros.

– Find the places in the cloud with most qubits.

– Learn how to make money in a holistic quantum computing environment.

– Code “Hello, Quantum World!” in Q#.

– Advance towards a quantum competitive advantage.

– Entertain the concept of quantum supremacy for business applications.

– Understand that one does not simply understand quantum entanglement.

– Have a new pet – the Schrödinger’s cat.

– Know that the ethics of quantum computing is a thing.

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