CS1201 Computer Programming I – Last Assignment

Last Assignment (voluntary)

Semester 2/2016


Design and create a menu-driven program which allows a user to enter at most 50 students’ scores for a subject and displays variety of information based on the user selection.
The minimum requirements of this program are as follow:
– Be able to display menu which contains at least 5 alternatives.
– Be able to accept student name and total score.
– Be able to display a score of a particular student. (search score by using student’s name as a key)
– Be able to compute and display mean, median and mode of the whole scores.
– Be able to list all student names who get score higher than the mean(average).
– Contains at least 4 methods/functions.


  • Karan Sachdev, code
  • Qianheng Ma, code
  • William Sivutha Poch, code
  • Chaitach Vadhanachai, code

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