Doctoral Degree Graduates/Students

Topic: Thai Machine Lipreading
Advisee: Chayapol Moemeng
Year: 2018 – Present

Topic: Novel Hybrid flower Pollination Algorithm and Dragonfly Algorithm for Lecturer-Class Assignment
Advisee: Ma. Shiela Sapul
Year: 2021

Master Degree Graduates/Students

Topic: Multi-threshold Image Segmentation Based on FOA
Advisee: Jiahao Fu
Year: Present

Topic: Machine Learning Guided Smart Contract Security Analysis
Advisee: Shahin Ramezany
Year: Present

Topic: Enhancing Reinforcement Learning Algorithm on Stock Market Data
Advisee: Jinchun Lu
Year: Present

Topic: Adaptive Modern Swarm Intelligent Algorithm for Solving Clustering Problem
Advisee: Christian David Angulo Lopez
Year: Present

Topic: Time-Sensitive Hashtag Frequency-Inverse Hashtag Ubiquity (THF-IHU) Algorithm for Hashtag Recommendation in Twitter
Advisee: Shanke Gu
Year: 2021

Topic: Multiobjective Optimization Using Flower Pollination Algorithm for Storage Location Assignment at Lazada Thailand Warehouse
Advisee: Chonnakarn Rungjaroenporn
Year: 2020

Topic: Research and Analysis of Prediction Models for Quantity of Reordered Items for Thai Franchised Restaurant
Advisee: Vorapat Nicklamai
Year: 2020

Topic: An Improved English-Thai Translation Framework for Non-timing Aligned Parallel Corpora Using Bleualign with Rule-based and Explicit Feedback
Advisee: Ryan Coughlin
Year: 2019

Topic: Parallelized FPA-SVM: Parallelized Parameter Selection and Classification using Flower Pollination Algorithm and Support Vector Machine
Advisee: Jean-Charles Coetsier
Year: 2016

Topic: Dimension Independent Cosine Similarity for Collaborative Filtering using MapReduce
Advisee: Fei Shen
Year: 2015

Topic: Alternating Least Squares with Incremental Learning Bias
Advisee: Than Htike Aung
Year: 2015

Topic: A Categorized Item Recommender System Coping with User Interest Changes
Advisee: Susande Ko Ko
Year: 2014

Bachelor Degree Graduates/Students

Topic: MSCS Student Management System
Advisee: Kan Wuthithepbuncha
Year: 2/2021

Topic: Sale Forecasting Model’s Recommendation for New Promotional Menu
Advisee: Sophearith Saing
Year: 1/2020

Topic: An Implementation of Adapted Flower Pollination Algorithm for Automating Advising Reservations
Advisee: Deep Kumar, Sai Kham Lao
Year: 2019

Topic: Food Ordering System for Cafeteria
Advisee: Rubina Shrestha
Year: 2019

Topic: Opinion Mining on Twitter
Advisee: Deep Kumar, Sai Kham Lao
Year: 2019

Topic: Academic Advising System
Advisee: kwangmin Kim, Serhii Bielik, Kaori Saito
Year: 2018

Topic: A Comparative Study of Recommender System Algorithms in Movie Domain
Advisee: Chirag Jagdish Kakad
Year: 2016

Topic: A Mobile Event Recommendation System using Context-Based Filtering with Clustering
Advisee: Avanish Shrestha, Mano Benjah
Year: 2012