Algorithm Design Term Projects


Problems listed in

  • Haiao Ji and Ha Ngoc Bao Linh, 2008. Maximum Earnings From Taxi, presentation
  • Nguyen Huy Tung, 503. Next Greater Element II, report
  • Pakin Charoenchanachai and Rattanapol Wattanatanasup, 12. Integer to Roman, presentation
  • Pancheeva Jantarasuriyakul, 939. MinimumArea Rectangle, presentation
  • Sutisan Nilrattanakul and Wanitcha Srithongchuay, 36. Valid Sudoku, presentation
  • Tana Jantayavichit and Thanchanok Wisuttaporn, 55. Jump Game, presentation
  • Ravee Virojsirasak, 881. Boats to Save People, presentation
  • Thunchanok Iacharoen and Nahatai Sirisak, 1155. Number of Dice Rolls With Target Sum, presentation
  • Yuxiao Chen, 29. Divide Two Integers, presentation

Problems listed in Sphere Online Judge

  • Chanatip Kwankeua and ZhengLi Zhang, BISHOPS, presentation

Problems listed in

  • Navamongkol Tongta, 2000. Grand Theft Array V, presentation
  • Minn Moe Yan Oo and Vibolrottanak Seng, 1878. Rubinchik’s Cube, presentation
  • Thitare Nimanong and Ornwara Sangthongnirundorn, 1786. Sandro’s Biography, report
  • Voraruethai Chancharung and Kasemdet Soommart, 1206. Sum of Digits of the Sum of Numbers, presentation


All problems are listed in, except Salary (in

  • Zhengmenglin Wei, 224. Basic Calculator, presentation
  • Dao Trung Kien and Sochivoath Chiv, 189 Rotate Array, presentation
  • Suchawan Chaiworn and Siyu Han, 295. Find Median from Data Stream, presentation
  • Pinky Shahi and Paranan V., 215. The Kth Largest Element in an Array Problem, presentation
  • Afif Mansib and Phoo Pwint Sone, 200. Number of Islands, presentation
  • Phone Pyae Kyaw Swar, 22. Generate Parentheses, presentation
  • Nguyen Ha Duong, 223. Rectangle Area, presentation
  • Krittamet Chuwongworaphinit, 1123 Salary, presentation
  • Aung Khant Oo, 773. Sliding Puzzle, presentation


All problems are listed in except Rotting Oranges (in

  • Jan Duldhardt, Rotting Oranges, report
  • Sanpawat Sewsuwan, 1885 Passenger Comfort, report and presentation
  • Saharat Tiewkunupakan and Phanuwat Sikharestrakul, 2142 Magic, presentation
  • Thanapol Sopanhari, 1193 Queue at the Exam, presentation
  • Apitsara choppradit, 1167 Becolored Horses, presentation
  • Aman Upadhya and Thanitsak Leuangsupornpong, 1993 The Cheeseburger you don’t need, presentation


All problems are listed in


All problems are listed in

  • Sorasit Arsirapongphisit and Rubina Shrestha, 1726 Visits, report
  • Menh Keo, 1354 Palindrome. Again Palindrome, presentation
  • Parichart Meesin, Kamonrut Vorrawongprasert, 1506. Columns of Numbers, presentation
  • Sokvathara Lin, 2095 Scrum, presentation
  • Farial Azmain, 1612 Tram Forum, presentation
  • Shiv Dechasakphan, 1206 Sum of Digits of The Sum of
    Numbers, presentation
  • Taranjit Singh, 1219. Symbolic Sequence, presentation
  • Noorul Zumana Shajahan, 1330 Intervals, presentation
  • Phuntsho Wangdi, 2138 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, presentation
  • Perawat wongkrit, 1082 Ivan the Fool, presentation


Listed in

  • Aung Pyae Sone Oo, 2010 Sasha the Young Grandmaster, report
  • Thanathas Chawengvorakul, 1572 Yekaterinozavodsk Great Well, presentation
  • Chinnawat Wongpatamaj, 1582 Bookmakers, report
  • Jiadong Jiao, 1192 Ball in A Dream, presentation
  • Grid Kornsutatipkul, 1222 CHERNOBYL’ EAGLES, presentation

Listed in Sphere Online Judge

  • Suppachai Wongsrinoppakun, 32029 ADACON – Ada and Connections, presentation


All problems are listed in

  • Fengbo Zhou, 1495 One-two, One-two 2, report
  • Tadsawan Tansuwan, 1260 Nudnik Photographer,  report
  • Zheng Wang, 1136 Parliament, report
  • Tanapat Limtemsap and Aung Hlaing Moe, 1295 Crazy Notations, presentation
  • Sittisak Tangpraditchai and Narabodee Anantapornkit, 1402 Cocktails Problem,  report
  • Min Aung Dain and Sonam Choejur Tshering, 1280 Topological Sorting,  report
  • Anawil Chumphun (same problem as) Panas Pornkitipong and Man Ha Nakhapong, 1044 Lucky Tickets. Easy!, presentation
  • Win Shaine, 1756 One and a Half Digger,  report
  • Navin Singh and William Poch (same problem as) Smith Simagrool and Pitpiboon Plukjai, 1017 Staircases, presentation


All problems are listed in

  • Pimtarat Jalaskulvanich, 1020 Rope, Presentation
  • Harpreet Singh Arora and Serhii Bielik, 1021 Sacrament of The Sum, Presentation
  • Sai Kham Lao and Deep Kumar, 1079 Maximum, Report
  • Siwaporn Chanratassawakul and Poom Penghiran, 1086 Cryptography, Presentation
  • Nathanan Pornprapee and Kamonchanok Arttanate, 1192 Ball in A Dream, Presentation
  • Prutchakorn Ngamsuanplu, Soravis Varayuththasawad, 1573 Alchemy, Report
  • Rachatha Pramualsuk, 1656 Far Away Kingdom’s Army, Report


All problems are listed in

  • Thanawadee Khemasrisuwan and Varissara Tangsajjanuraksa, 1014 Product of Digits, Report
  • Jarukorn Thuengjitvilas and Nattalie Shinkoi, 1014 Product of Digits, Report
  • Jian Pan and Yilin Wang, 1052 Rabbit Hunt, Report
  • Kevin Narang and Zubair Hoss, 1576 Telephone Tariffs, Report
  • Prateep Dharaan, 1203 Scientific Conference, Report


  • Rajanart  Incharoensakdi and Natthakul  Boonmee, 1073 Square Country, Timus Online Judge, Presentation
  • Kwangmin  Kim, 1024 Permutations, Timus Online Judge, Presentation
  • Artisd  Chanyawadee and Chawan  Vattanalap, PALIN – The Next Palindrome, Sphere Online Judge, Report
  • Asnai  Narang and Xiaohan  Yu, 1688 Team.GOV!, Timus Online Judge, Report
  • Kasperi Aleksanteri  Reinikainen, 1226. esreveR redrO, Timus Online Judge, Presentation
  • Silapin  Narthasilpa, 97 – Party Schedule, Sphere Online Judge, Report


All problems are listed in


  • Teerapaun Tanprasert and Thitipong Tanprasert, Robust Neural Network Training Using Inverted Probability Distribution, The 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence, MLMI ’20, September 18-20, 2020, Hangzhou, China. ACM Proceedings, New York, NY, USA, 8 pages.
Academic year 2018
  • Paulus Mudjihartono, Thitipong Tanprasert, and Rachsuda Setthawong, 2018, A Comparative Study of Modified PSO Algorithm and Traditional PSO and GA in Solving University Course Timetable Problem, International Journal of Computers and Their Applications (IJCA), Vol. 25, No. 4, Dec. 2018.
  • Chayapol Moemeng, Rachsuda Setthawong, and Thitipong Tanprasert, 2018, Enhancing GLSLIM Using User Preference Change Marking Algorithm, in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Advances in Information Technology (IAIT2018), Bangkok, Thailand, December 10–13, 2018. doi: 10.1145/3291280.3291798
Academic year 2016
  • P. Mudjihartono, R. Jiamthapthaksin, T. Tanprasert, “Parallelized GA-PSO Algorithm for Solving Job Shop Scheduling Problem”, IEEE, 2016, DOI: 10.1109/ICSITech.2016.7852616,


  • Eakawat Tantamjarik and Thitipong Tanprasert, Distance measurement with smartphone using acceleration model of hand movement, 2016 8th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology (KST), Chiang Mai, 3-6 Feb 2016, page 60 – 65, DOI: 10.1109/KST.2016.7440479, Print ISBN 978-1-4673-8137-6, INSPEC Accession Number:15872622
  • Piyabute Fuangkhon and Thitipong Tanprasert, Reduced Multi-class Contour Preserving Classification, Neural Processing Letters, June 2016, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp 759-804, First online: 21 June 2015, DOI 10.1007/s11063-015-9446-1, Print ISSN 1370-4621, Online ISSN 1573-773X, Springer US.
  • Thitipong Tanprasert and Chularat Tanprasert, Creatinine Prediction From Body Composition : A Neural Network Approach, International Journal of Innovative Management, Information & Production, Volume 2, Number 1, March 2011, pp. 41-48, ISSN 2185-5439
  • Paulus Mudjihartono, Thitipong Tanprasert, and Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin, Clustering analysis on alumni data using abandoned and Reborn Particle Swarm Optimization, 2016 8th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology (KST), Chiang Mai, 3-6 Feb 2016, Pages: 22 – 26, DOI: 10.1109/KST.2016.7440500, Print ISBN 978-1-4673-8137-6, INSPEC Accession Number:158726332.
  • Thitipong Tanprasert and Chularat Tanprasert, Tennis Racket Customization for Supporting Rehabilitation, The 4th International Conference on Emerging Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks (EUSPN-2013) and the 3rd International Conference on Current and Future Trends of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare (ICTH), October 21-24, 2013, Procedia Computer Science, Volume 21, 2013, Pages 360–367,
  • Wisit Charoenwitsarutkun, Chularat Tanprasert, Thitipong Tanprasert, Evaluation of Human Liver Condition; Self-Organizing Map and Feed Forward Backpropagation Technique, Proceedings of the 2013 5th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology (KST 2013), Burapha University, Cholburi, January 2013, Pages 38-41.
  • Thitipong Tanprasert, Piyabute Fuangkhon, Chularat Tanprasert, “An Improved Technique for Retraining Neural Networks In Adaptive Environment”, Proceedings of The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (InTech 2008), October 2008, Samui, Surath-thani, Thailand.
  • K. G. Anilkumar, and Thitipong Tanprasert. A Subjective Scheduler Based On Backpropagation Neural Network For Formulating Real-life Scheduling Situation. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Technologies. Volume 3 Number 3 Summer 2008. ISSN: 2070-3899. 155-161
  • Jantra U-Seng and Thitipong Tanprasert, “A System for Identifying Writer from Thai Handwriting Image”,  Proceeding of the 9th International Conference Neural Information Processing, (ICONIP’02), Singapore, November 20022.      Thitipong Tanprasert and Thosaporn Kripruksawan, “An Approach to Control Aging Rate of Neural Networks Under Adaptation To Gradually Changing Context”, Proceeding of the 9th International Conference Neural Information Processing (ICONIP’02), Singapore, November 2002
  • Worasing Rinsurongkawong and Thitipong Tanprasert, “Pass Planning and Decision Making for Distributed Soccer Agents in Dynamic Workspace”,  International Workshop on “Agents for Business Automation”, June 24-27, 2002,  Monte-Carlo Resort, Las-Vegas, USA
  • Veerachai Gosasang and Thitipong Tanprasert, “Performance and Caching Issues in an Integration of Neural Net and Conventional PC”, Proceedings of IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Network 2002 (IJCNN’2002), Hawaii, May 2002
  • Thitipong Tanprasert, Kamolchol Jitwongtrakul, and Sarachai Taechotanon, “An Off-line Handwritten Thai Alphabet Recognition System”, The International Journal on Uncertainty, Fuzziness, and Knowledge-based Systems – special issue “Uncertainty Aspects of Intelligent Technologies, Vol.9, No.6 (2001), pp. 791-801