Workaround for a quiz in MS Teams that requires an attachment

Workaround for a quiz in MS Teams that requires an attachment.

When I created a quiz in MS Forms that has the file upload and implemented it in MS Teams, I got the error message “Failed to upload your file” when my students actually uploaded a file as shown below.

I did some workarounds and the one that is the most suitable for me is to manually create the folder for my quiz and request my students to upload file to such folder outside the MS Teams. Steps for this workaround are explained below.

1. Create a folder for file upload in OneDrive. To do this, I have to visit and sign in with my account. Then, manually create a folder for my quiz under the root folder. In my case, I created the folder “Q2” under “Files > Apps > Microsoft Forms > Test 2 v2” where “Test 2 v2” is the title of my quiz and “Q2” is the folder for question 2 in my quiz.

2. Next step is to set the folder to receive the file from my students. I did that by ticking the box in front of “Q2” folder and click on “Request files” menu.

3. Enter the title of file that I request. This title will be shown to my students what file that I request from them. Once finished, click on Next button.

4. Then, click on “Copy link” button and insert this link in MS Forms for students to upload the file. Once finished, click Done button.

5. Go to MS Forms and the question that I want to have file upload. Then, create a text question and insert the link in the subtitle.

6. When the students click on the link in MS Teams, they can upload file in the separated browser.

7. Student has to select the file and enter his/her first name and last name before upload.

8. Once finished, students have to type the word “DONE” in their answer as the acknowledgement.

9. The student name is used a part of file name. The only weak point of this workaround is that I have to open MS Teams together with OneDrive when grading the students. However, this workaround has a good point which is the ability to upload ZIP file while file upload in MS Forms does not have.