CS1201 Computer Programming I – Last Assignment

Last Assignment (voluntary)

Semester 2/2016


Design and create a menu-driven program which allows a user to enter at most 50 students’ scores for a subject and displays variety of information based on the user selection.
The minimum requirements of this program are as follow:
– Be able to display menu which contains at least 5 alternatives.
– Be able to accept student name and total score.
– Be able to display a score of a particular student. (search score by using student’s name as a key)
– Be able to compute and display mean, median and mode of the whole scores.
– Be able to list all student names who get score higher than the mean(average).
– Contains at least 4 methods/functions.


  • Karan Sachdev, code
  • Qianheng Ma, code
  • William Sivutha Poch, code
  • Chaitach Vadhanachai, code

CS2206 Computer Networks Term Projects

Computer Networks Term Projects

Term Project 1/2016

  • Jirasin Jirasakul, Saw Raymond, Thanawadee Khemasrisuwan, and Santiphap Tuntapakool, “Network Audio Streamer & Player”, code
  • Chotikar Phoophaphimukthum, Serhii Bielik,and Varissara Tangsajjanuraksa, “Secured Chat Program”, code
  • Chirag jagdish, Sai kham sheng , Chinnawat wongpatamajaroen ,and Chatchawan yoojuie, “Network Speed Test Program”,presentation and code
  • Supanat T., Ramin R., Pannachet L., and Michael A., “Using Google API to Create Video Search Web”, code
  • Kornkamol Kiatopas, Jarukorn Thuengjitvilas, and Vitchayut Cheravinich, “Version Control Server”, code

Term Project 2/2016

  • Zubair Hossain, Kaba mohamed, and Min Aung Dain, “Console-Based Web Browser”, code
  • Sai Kham Lao, Deep Kumar, and Nattalie Shinkoi, “Secured Chat Using Private Key”, report and code
  • Pitiwat Arunurviwat, and Shopan kuroda, “Secured Chat Using Public Key”, code
  • Prateep Dharaan, Pimtarat Jelaskulnavich, and Alan Albrecht, “Speed Test Server”, code and report