CS3432 Term Projects (2017)

Academic Year 2017

iOS Application Development

Software development for hand-held devices rapidly grows in the computer industry in the past few years. The course introduces students to software development for ubiquitous devices such as smart phones, iPad and tablets. In particular, the students will learn how to create programs using Xcode and iOS 11 SDK for iPhone/iPad. Emphasis is given on project work and the development of small scale applications; to get hands-on experience, students in the class will form a team to develop mobile phone applications/games in the course project.

There are 4 distinguished projects.

1. Habitat

5813526 Sittisak Tangpraditchai

Habitat is not just an application but also my studying area. When I implemented Habitat, i have learnt many other techniques that I have been interested but never had an opportunities to study like biometrics. Developing Habitat also helped improving my skills in using auto-layout. I think Habitat is the best dormitory managing application in the whole universe. That's all I want to talk about Habitat. Thank you :)

5913873 Poom Penghiran

In my perspective, I believe that Habitat iOS application will be a game changer to dormitory management system in Thailand. With the ease of use, and practical functionality where users are not suffered from hundreds menu items. The next era will start from the moment we publish the application to the app store.





5738001 Kwangmin Kim

Pet-go project is from my Tech start up class and successfully complete presentation. But i don’t know that features possibly to work. By this project, I understand limitation of application function and some my design app is incurrent. Also, I learning how to build IOS application and how to do realtime database.


5810127 Thanawadee K.

Trax application can help software companies manage their resources. CEO and team leaders can track their employees tasks and bugs so they can plan to up coming project.

5810228 Jarukorn T.

Trax is a software project management application that very helpful for software companies.For CEOs, they are able
to view the brief progress of each project in multiple companies The team leaders can monitor the progress of each developer separately. For developers, they can now organize their tasks.

5835205 Nattalie S.

Trax is a useful tracking application which helps the company to effectively manage their tasks faster and easier by just using their own mobile devices through multiple user interfaces based on the roles.

4. Big Priest

5718303 Xiaohan Yu

My project is called ‘Big Priest’. It is an application to de-blur a blurred text image helps users to read the text. The application also provides several filters for user to choose and apply.

Overall, this is an application for image processing especially for image de-blurring. The aim is to help users read the text from a blurred image. The result shows in the video I posted was pretty clear, user can read the number “20” from the sign easily.

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