CS1201 Term Projects (2017)

Academic Year 2017

Computer Programming

This course helps students to develop real-world problem-solving skills using computer programming. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of Kotlin programming language with emphasis on primitive data types, basic control structures (conditions and loops), basic data structures (arrays), functions, and objects. By the end of the semester, students will be able to solve programming problems that are the basic blocks for bigger application development. Moreover, students are required to develop a small mobile application as their term project. The mobile application can be either developed from App Inventor or App Lab.

There are 5 distinguished projects.

1. Vincent Mary’s ABAC Ground


Vincent Mary’s ABAC Ground is a 2.5D side scrolling shooting and strategy game, involving you to use environment objects for eliminating hostile and pass through all levels with a high difficulty.

The story is about a guy name Pat, he was a hacker trying to access to the AU Spark servers by invading into the VMS building located in Assumption University.  Apparently, the university had invested in a lot of security. Therefore, accessing by hacking is nearly impossible, Pat had been in military for 3 years and gained his ability of firing handgun. So he was armed during the mission. 


You can see more detail here Presentation Slide

Advisor: 5715298 Wan, 5715280 Poat
Member: 6016901 Pub, 6014216 Pat

2. AU Job

AU Job is an application which is designed to connect university students with companies. This application in which you can create jobs if you are an employer or you can find jobs if you are an employee. You can create jobs according to positions, salaries or target faculties. On the students side, they can find the jobs which is suitable for them. When you enter the application, you will see the page on which you will be asked if you are employer or employee. Then, you can login via username and password. If you do not have one, you can sign up. If you are an employer, you can sign up by filling your company name, email and contact information. If you are an employee, you can sign up by filling your contact number, email and your faculty which is important. You can create jobs which will be found by employees. Employees can see employers’ posted jobs. They can choose jobs which is the best for them. Creating job is important as it is the main theme of this application. Employees can find their best jobs only if employers create jobs properly. If employees do not have any interest in one job, they can choose other jobs depending on how many employers created. We hope this application would work and we did our best to get this application.



3. Guess the Picture



 4. WE-SIT

A cab sharing application. To make your trip cheaper.

The idea of taxi sharing is that it will make your trip cheaper. Secondly people won’t have to wait in lines just to wait their turn to take taxi. Thirdly, some people are too shy to ask others to share taxi so this application is also good for them.

The application contains Firebase support. Which is used to provide Real-time Database for the application. Which is needed as all the data such as the user in a trip and adding new trip are supposed to be up to date. The app’s trips also have a limit on the number of passengers for the users to be able to choose whether they want to go by their own car or a taxi.  The app contains a login verification so the user won’t have to input data such as phone number many times. In case of forgetting the password, app contains a forget password page in which the user can change his/her password by giving his/her username, Email and phone number.


If the app were to be published it would also include push notification and chat to make arrangements more convenient. The UI would also be improved to the point that it would be more convenient to use the app publicly.screen-shot-2561-07-20-at-15-49-27


Z Dorm is for a ABAC student who have to stay in dorm just for a few day but usually dorm only a year of contact or longer. Z Dorm allows some one who already have dome but they have to go home during weekends. So they can rent their dorm to someone who in need.






These developers were enthusiastically often asking me about my opinions or technical knowledge to get me involved in their work. I sometimes feel sorry for them because I couldn’t help them as expected, but they are still so kind and polite to me. Thanks for this project to let me know these wonderful kids!


We are not quite good at coding and we thought we could not do it at that time but we lucky to have these smart seniors to guide us. Firstly, we thought they were gonna hate us because we asked them a lot even the basic things but it turned out a different way. They always calm and kind and never tried to pushed us away. When we have a problem with our project they would alway there for us. We super duper lucky to have they as our seniors

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