CS3443 2/2019

CS3443 Computer Network Security — Semester 2/2019

Date/Time: Thursday/13:30 – 16:30

Room: VMS0201

Course Outline: (CS3443 Course Outline 2_2019)

Assignments shall be submitted via Google Classroom – Please join with this code – xag3wg4 

Week 1:   (Lecture 1 Introduction to Network Security)

Week 2:  (Lecture 2 Symmetric Encryption and Message Confidentiality)

Week 3:  (Lecture 3 Message Authentication)

Week 4:  (Lecture 4 Key Management)

Week 5: Key Management Continued + Wireless Security

Week 6:  (Lecture 5 NAC and Intro to Could Computing)

Week 7:  Review and Discussion

Midterm Examination Week

Week 8: Lecture 7 Network Log Management

Week 9: Lecture 8 AAA in Cisco IOS and BYOD

Week 10: Lecture 9 VPN Technologies

Week 11: Lecture 10 Network Foundation Protection

Week 12: Lecture 11 Firewall Technologies

Week 13: Firewall Technologies (cont.) + Lecture 12 IDS IPS

Week 14: IDS IPS (cont.)

Week 15: Lecture 13 Mitigation Technologies for Endpoint Threats

Final Examination


1. Mini research on FIDO Alliance – 5-10 pages mini research about FIDO standard. You must submit your work as a pdf file. This research should include, but not limited to, an introduction to FIDO, application of FIDO in real-life usage, FIDO members, how does FIDO work? etc.

2 Mini research on SIEM – Network management is one of critical components in network design and management. Fundamental of SIEM concept and technology shall be discussed in this research. Applications of SIEM in modern organizations.

3. Mini research on ESInet – You must be able to answer the following, but not limited to, questions

-What is ESInet?
– ESInet architecture
– Fundamental requirements
– Where in ESInet will firewall/IPS be implemented?